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Your gift to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal is healing hurting marriages through Retrouvaille, providing outreach to the sick and dying in city hospitals, and bringing hope to prisoners in Restorative Ministry.

Retrouvaille saves marriages

For couples struggling in their marriage, the program known as Retrouvaille (French for rediscovery) is a lifeline.

Retrouvaille consists of a weekend experience, where couples are given tools to heal and renew their marriage, followed by a series of post-weekend sessions. The emphasis of the program is communication, and providing practical tools for healing a marriage. Retrouvaille has helped couples in a state of despair and hopelessness, including some who have already separated or divorced, as well as others living with frustration, anger or coldness. “It gave us what we needed to be able to communicate and connect in ways that we hadn’t done before,” said Anthony McCarthy, whose marriage to Anastasia Winterhalt was healed through Retrouvaille.

“Retrouvaille can show you the face of mercy. And if you feel right now that you need to show mercy on your spouse, or perhaps you feel that you need your spouse to show mercy on you, give this a try, because you can only grow from it.”
– Anastasia Winterhalt: She and husband Anthony McCarthy discovered tools at Retrouvaille that saved their marriage.