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A teen encounters Christ through a Search retreat and for that young seeker, life is changed. A child experiences a sacramental preparation program and the entire family is drawn into a deeper faith. Adult Catholics set out to deepen understanding of their baptismal call through a Lay Formation experience, and are inspired to put their faith into action as missionary disciples in our world.

Resources and programs supported by your gifts to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal are Building Up the Church, helping people of all ages to encounter Jesus Christ and grow in faith and commitment!

“We are being called to hear and act on Pope Francis’ call to the ‘art of accompaniment’ with our young people. We are expanding youth ministry and partnerships with Catholic youth-serving organizations to help young people build deeper relationships with Jesus Christ and discover their God-given gifts and mission in our world. We are strengthening our Vocations outreach, mentoring and support. If we are to meet those challenges and have an impact, resources are required. Together, we can make a difference.” – Bishop Mark Hagemoen

Kaitlyn Deck of St. Peter’s Parish in Unity, has deepened her faith and journeyed with other young adults at St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission in Bruno:

“In youth ministry, our goal is to lead people to friendship with Jesus – to find Him, to fall in love with Him. We need people to help show us the way… We need to offer something to young people, a reason to choose something that is good and true and beautiful in their life. We need to reach out to them, and accompany them, and walk alongside them on their path to Jesus.”

Jerome Montpetit of St. Bruno’s Parish in Bruno is a member of the Cat.Chat Productions team, which produces faith resources for children, youth and families. This spring, Jerome was one of the young adults to join Bishop Mark Hagemoen on a mission visit to the northern community of Black Lake in the Archdiocese of Keewatin Le-Pas:

“At the heart of youth ministry is being able to have opportunities to come together as youth, and a lot of times that takes resources, and people in positions to organize
events, and to offer these opportunities for us to come together and grow closer to the Lord….. When I look back, a lot of profound moments in my life were moments when I participated in different youth events, and was a part of Youth Ministry. It really keeps the faith alive and flowing.”

Vocations and Education of Priests

Your gift to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal funds the education and formation of priests and future priests for our diocese, and also supports Vocations promotion across the diocese. “The Bishop’s Annual Appeal in a real way builds up the Church by actually putting priests in our parishes –it funds the formation of our priests.” – Fr. Daniel Yasinski

Fr. Colin Roy, pastor at Cudworth, St. Benedict and Middle Lake (left), and Fr. Daniel Yasinski, pastor at Kerrobert, Dodsland, Major and Luseland, (right) serve as diocesan Co-Directors of Vocations, appointed by Bishop Mark Hagemoen (centre).

“Evangelization and catechetics help us to form young people, to help them understand what God is calling them to do in their lives. It helps them to understand the sacraments that they are celebrating and helps them understand how to follow Jesus.” – Fr. Greg Roth, St. Peter’s Parish, Unity, SK