Diocese of Saskatoon

Bishop's Letter for the Appeal 2018

Bishop Mark A. Hagemoen

September 2018

Dear friends in Christ,

Greetings! I am happy to announce that our theme for this year’s Bishop’s Appeal is “Our Faith in Action.” 

In coming to know the people of the Diocese of Saskatoon in my first few months as bishop, I have discovered great faith and zeal for living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our world today. I have seen “Faith in Action” in many settings – in parishes supporting families striving to live and pass faith on to their children, among those in our faith community dedicated to protecting life at every age and stage, and in those striving for justice and reconciliation in our world. I have also seen “Faith in Action” in the outreach to the sick, suffering, marginalized and imprisoned that has been made possible through your gifts to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. 

As I visit our parish communities, I have also heard about many needs: the need to support our young people, our families, and our elders; the need to develop leadership; the need to take care of our churches. For example, parents continue to express great hope that their children will receive the Sacraments and faith formation, because they want their sons and daughters to have all of God’s blessing and strength. Seniors express the hope that the church will continue to bring support and spiritual healing, especially to the aged and those who are sick. Others describe the ongoing need to encourage men and women to respond to God’s call to holiness and deepening faith. Our journey of greater faith also extends to the peripheries and margins of our society, where persons dealing with extraordinary circumstances such as addiction, grief, incarceration and recovery can continue to find in the Church ready help and support. People all across our diocese are also aware of the challenges our communities face in terms of maintaining and restoring our buildings, and they long for their churches to be the center of vibrant communities that celebrate and receive God’s abundant blessings. 

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal is an opportunity to come together as a diocese to tackle these great needs together – please contribute what you can.

Thank you for helping us bring Good News as we live “Our Faith in Action”! 

Sincerely in our One God,


Mark A. Hagemoen

Diocese of Saskatoon