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Our Faith in Action


A teen encounters Christ through a Search retreat and for that young seeker, life is changed. A child experiences a sacramental preparation program and the entire family is drawn into a deeper faith. Adult Catholics set out to deepen understanding of their baptismal call through a Lay Formation experience, and are inspired to put their faith into action as missionary disciples in our world.

Resources and programs supported by your gifts to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal are Building Up the Church, helping people of all ages to encounter Jesus Christ and grow in faith and commitment!

Youth Ministry Coordinator Colm Leyne describes how the diocesan Search retreat for high school youth powerfully proclaims the basic gospel message about who God is: how God sent his Son to save us from our sins by dying and rising from the dead, and how Jesus Christ is walking with us now,  so that we can live a life of fullness and joy in union with God. “I think the power of Search is an overwhelming sense of knowing who you are and whose you are – that you are loved beyond all understanding,” says Leyne.

Siblings Jaiden and Cascilla Christopher of Saskatoon both participated in Search retreats, and the experience changed their lives. Both are now putting their faith into action in new and tangible ways. 

Participating in Search had a big impact on Jaiden and Cascilla Christopher — and on their whole family.

Participating in Search had a big impact on Jaiden and Cascilla Christopher — and on their whole family.

“A fire was just set in my heart – my heart was set on fire with love for God,” says Cascilla.

“Search allowed me to learn what it meant to live in that personal relationship with Jesus, to know how to relate to him and how to share that relationship that I was experiencing with others. It changed my life and it allowed me to bring others to understand the change I experienced as well,” describes Jaiden. 

The Search experience by the Christopher siblings played a role in enlivening the faith of their whole family, with their dad baptized into the Church this past Easter. Jaiden is also now discerning a call to the priesthood.

“It was just the best weekend ever,” says Cascilla.

“Evangelization and catechetics help us to form young people, to help them understand what God is calling them to do in their lives. It helps them to understand the sacraments that they

are celebrating and helps them understand how to follow Jesus.” - Fr. Greg Roth, St. Peter’s Parish, Unity, SK