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A Gift for the Future

Stewardship is a life long journey. Through good stewardship practices, the Catholic Foundation desires to provide the financial resources for current and future needs.  This creates an opportunity for our Diocesan people to be actively engaged and supported through their faith journey.  We are supported and strengthened as a community when we work together.

Planning to leave your gift to the foundation in the future also plays a big part in your stewardship, even after you are gone. You can explore other areas that you can plan your gift, Personal And Estate Planning Considerations In Charitagle Giving

Catholic Legacy Giving Program – What is a Legacy Gift to our Faith Community.

Simply, it is a lasting extension of our love of God and belief in supporting the continued growth of our faith community.  It is returning to God something that is of great meaning to us, and is an expression of who we are captured through the lives that follow us.

Your life has been enriched and shaped by your faith. Perhaps a diocesan ministry, program, or service has made a difference in your life. Perhaps you want to ensure that the Church continues nurturing faith and offering help and hope to people in need long after you’re gone. You can help support essential programming within the Diocese of Saskatoon through a legacy gift, a charitable donation that planned now but received later by the church, through your estate.  Of course, your first priority is to make sure your family is provided for after your death. However, donating to a cause that is important to you doesn’t mean your family will be left with substantially less. Rather, with careful estate planning, you can both take care of your loved ones and help support the continued growth of your faith community.

Anyone, regardless of their income or size of estate, can make a legacy gift.  In fact, you may be able to make a greater contribution through a planned gift than would otherwise be possible. In many cases, there is no outright cost of establishing a legacy gift and can provides significant tax benefit today. With proper planning, charitable tax credits can return up to 44% of your gift back to your estate. Therefore, every dollar that you donate to support the church may actually cost your estate (or your heirs) only about fifty-six cents. Ultimately, you’re diverting monies from Canada Revenue Agency to a cause you care about, while still providing for your heirs.

Legacy gifts, however, are more than simply a means of distributing your estate.  They are a reflection of how you are your values and your faith.  If you choose to remember your faith community, in your estate plans, you can specify exactly where you wish your gift to be directed, such as to your parish or to a special ministry, service, or program. If you don’t have a preference, you can request that the Catholic Foundation decide where your gift is most needed.   Including your faith community in your estate plans is a way to show your dedication to your faith and community, which can serve as a beautiful example for your children and grandchildren.  A legacy gift is an ideal way to pass on your values of responsible stewardship and generous giving, and to leave a gift of faith the will ensure the blessings you have received will be share for generations to come. 

Legacy or planned gifts come in many forms from making a provision in your will to a donation of life insurance policies that are not longer needed and many more.  Each has their own benefit to the Catholic Foundation and to you and your estate.  Each and every gift is important and our diocesan Planned Giving Office would be happy to provide various examples available.

Bequest and Estate Information

BEQUEST Administration

The Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation Office coordinates the administration of charitable gifts including those through estate plans.  Please forward all correspondence to:

Jocelyne Hamoline
Planned Giving Officer
Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation
123 Nelson Road, Saskatoon,    S7S 1H1

To follow up on estate administration you can contact Jocelyne directly at 306-659-5849 or via email at jhamoline@dscatholicfoundation.ca

You can also reach Don Gorsalitz, Director of Development, for assistance at 306-659-5850 or don.gorsalitz@shaw.ca

Legal Titles

For all legal documents (including wills) please use the following legal title:

Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation Inc


I give and bequeath to the Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation Inc, Saskatoon Saskatchewan the sum of $_____ (specific amount) or _____% (a percentage) of the residue of my estate to be used for its general purposes as the Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation sees fit.

Registered Charity #: 836037127 RR 0001


I give and bequeath to the Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation Inc, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the sum of $_____  or    _____ % (percent) of the residue of my estate to be used for ________________ (detailed description of what you, the donor, wants the bequest to accomplish or be used for a particular program or ministry). 

 If, in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation Inc ,it should become impossible, inadvisable, or impractical to use this gift for this specific purposes(s),then the Board may in their discretion use the gift to the best advantage for the Diocese of Saskatoon, keeping in mind the spirit of the gift intent.

Registered Charity #: 836037127 RR 0001

For information on detailed description of a particular program or ministry please contact the

Jocelyne Hamoline, Planned Giving Officer.

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