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Grow Hope

Through Grow Hope Saskatchewan, you can become a farmer by sponsoring an acre of farmland in rural Saskatchewan. Funds raised help Development and Peace support people around the world with emergency food supplies and long-term food security.


The first Saskatchewan project is a unique ecumenical partnership with the Saskatoon Catholic Diocese and the Mennonite Central Committee of Saskatchewan .

Generous farmers in the Saskatoon area have donated land and have agreed to grow a crop. It costs on average $300 per acre to grow the crop – covering the cost of things like seed, fuel and other inputs.

At the end of the growing season, they will sell the crop and donate the proceeds to CFGB. They expect to sell it for an average of $500 per acre. The Government of Canada matches donations up to 4:1, creating a total average contribution of $400,000 on 160 acres.  This means that your generous donation of $300 for example will yield $2500 to bring some of the worlds most vulnerable people their daily need of food.  You can be a part of Grow hope by sponsoring a partial acre, full acre or more.  Become a farmer today!

Please sponsor a full acre at $300, a half-acre at $150.00, a quarter acre at $75.00 or make any other gift.  You can make a one-time donation or make monthly gift payments.  Thank you for helping to feed those that live in hunger.

For more information check out the websites below or contact Myron Rogal at 306-659-5841.

https://mcccanada.ca/learn/more/grow-hope  Grow Hope (MCC – Mennonite Central Committee)

https://foodgrainsbank.ca/  Canadian Foodgrains bank

https://www.devp.org/en  Development and Peace