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The Catholic Church is one of the largest worldwide charities in the world.  Since the time of Jesus, we have been philanthropists at heart – always sharing what we have with those in need.   Stewardship is at the heart of our Christian life, to live out our faith, faith put into action.   Scripture has much to say about money and its place in our lives and hearts.  There are more than 2000 references to money, finances and earthly possessions in the bible.  One out of every 10 verses in Scripture deals with money and possessions.  Forty percent of Jesus’ parables deal with money and possessions.  The Catholic Legacy Giving Program is all about stewarding God’s gifts, an invitation to experience the joy of giving, conversion of the Heart, a return to the Lord in gratitude.  This program is the stewardship of our final estate – a sharing that which we have received and received in abundance.  The focus of the Catholic Legacy Giving Program is people; inviting people to invest themselves through the resources that God has given them – their energy, prayers, and estate – in the work to which God has called us.  Legacy Giving is an opportunity to plant and nurture love in our communities and beyond, reaching past our own life time.

For people of faith, financial and estate planning is a strategic component of stewardship. Stewardship of treasure involves not only sharing a portion of our income but also involves the sharing of our assets as well – planning our giving. Planned gifts can benefit your parish, the Diocese of Saskatoon, and other worthwhile charities while helping you to save taxes, increase your income and pass more on to your heirs.

We should all ask ourselves if making a charitable bequest or other special gift in our estate plan is perhaps the final opportunity to teach our children and those that we love that everything we are and have is God’s gift to us. Only you can answer that question as you and your family develop your financial and estate plan and then review it periodically to ascertain if you and your family’s goals and objectives are being met.

A Planned gift through the Catholic Legacy Program helps to fulfill the Church’s mission, which is to worship God, proclaim the Gospel, to celebrate community and to serve our sisters and brothers. The Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation office assists in fulfilling these responsibilities by encouraging all of the faithful to care for others and share with them the resources entrusted to them by God.

For more information on the Catholic Legacy Giving Program and how you can live out the Gospel through legacy giving, please contact us at admin@dscf.ca