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MYRON LEVYTSKY (1913-1993)

Painter, iconographer, graphic artist, illustrator, editor, and author. Born October 14, 1913 in Lviv, Ukraine; died July 17, 1993 in Toronto, Canada. Studied at the Novakyvsky Art School in Lviv (1931-33) and graphic art with Prof. W. Skoczylas at the Cracow Acodemy of Arts (1933-34). Worked as a book illustrator and designer (1935-1939) and editor of “My i svit” (1938-39), the Historical Museum (1939-41), and the Ukrainian Publishing House (1941-1943) in Lviv. Emigrated to Canada (1949) and worked as an illustrator, book designer, and art editor for Ivan Tyktor Publishing in Winnipeg. He moved to Toronto (1954) and lived in Paris (1956-58) where he had his first solo exhibition at Galerie Ror Volmar (1958). Other solo exhibitions followed: Toronto (1961, 1963, 1964, 1972, 1976, 1978, 1985), New York (1964, 1974), Waterloo (1965), Detroit (1973), Ottawa (1975), Edmonton (1977), Chicago (1984), Winnipeg (1985, 1995), Lviv (1991), and Kyiv (1992). Two memorial exhibitions were held in Toronto (1994, 2003). Levytsky polychromed interiors and designed iconostases for eleven Ukrainian Catholic churches in Ukraine (1), Canada (5), and Australia (5), as well as painting numerous individual icons.


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