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Our Faith in Action


Fr. Dan YasinskiYour gift to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal is Building Up the Church through vocation promotion and the education of seminarians

"For decades, gifts to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal have funded the education of seminarians in our diocese – an investment in the formation of future priests, who in turn live and serve among us.

Gifts to the Annual Appeal also support the work of a diocesan Vocations Office, which includes Directors of Vocation Fr. Daniel Yasinski and Fr. Colin Roy. In that role, the two diocesan priests journey with young men who are discerning the priesthood, and occasionally with young women discerning the religious life. 

“If we really want to promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life, I am a firm believer that the first thing we have to do is to be thankful,” says Fr. Daniel Yasinski. Gratitude for the men who serve in the priesthood and for the service and care by women religious will then lead to prayer, he says. “Prayer is the foundation of all vocation. Prayer in our parishes –  holy hours, rosaries – and then prayer in our families.”

Vocations are vital for the Church and for the world, adds Yasinski, encouraging parents to share prayer and faith with their children, and be positive about vocations. “My parents gave me the greatest gift – the gift of the Catholic faith – and they formed me in it by bringing me to prayer, by bringing me to worship. This enabled me to hear the call of God on my heart.”

 “The Bishop’s Annual Appeal in a real way builds up the Church by actually putting priests in our parishes –  it funds the formation of our priests. I think of the young men who are giving their time in the seminary to prayer and to study the Bishop’s Annual Appeal makes that possible.

I also think of the two men who were ordained for our diocese this year  –  Fr. Michael Yaremko and Fr. Edward Gibney  –  how they have laid down their lives for God and for our diocese... The Bishop’s Annual Appeal makes all that possible: it builds up the Church by enabling our parishes to have priests – priests who love their people. We can be thankful for that!” 
- Fr. Daniel Yasinski

George Rolheiser of St. Donatus parish in St. Donatus has volunteered to help with the Bishop’s Annual Appeal since it was launched some 32 years ago by Bishop James Mahoney.

“I support the Bishop’s Annual Appeal because it is a good way to live out this year’s gospel theme – ‘whatsoever you did for the least of these, you did it for me,’” said George. “Supporting the Bishop’s Annual Appeal is a practical way to live out the gospel.”

Among the many initiatives supported by the Bishop’s Annual Appeal is one that is particularly dear to George’s heart – the Lay Formation program, which helps Catholics learn more about their faith, enrich their prayer life, deepen their relationship with God, and experience Christian community. “I was lucky enough to participate in the Lay Formation program for two years, and I was on the Lay Formation team for another 18 years,” said George.

“It was the best experience of my life – the best thing I ever did,” George says of Lay Formation.

“I saw people come together as a community, bond as a family... I saw the goodness of people, and I saw God’s work. ”

If you have questions or would like more information about these or any other ministries, please visit the diocesan website at: www.saskatoonrcdiocese.com  or call the Catholic Pastoral Centre at (306) 242-1500 or toll free: 1-877-661-5005.