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Astrid Alas was born in El Salvador and grew up in Canada where she completed her higher education in Graphic Design and Marketing. Her creative journey began in childhood and has blossomed into diverse artistic techniques. From her earlier years, Astrid exhibited an innate talent and passion for art, spending several years sketching, painting and mastering various art mediums.

Mentored by highly recognized artists in America and Europe, she began her studies in art at the age of 7, having her first art gallery exposition at the age of 10. In her work, Astrid blends both traditional and modern methods. She finds her inspiration in the interplay of light and shadow. Regardless of the technique in use, her artwork is created using only one tool. With only the three primary colours she creates the rich variety of colours reflected in her artwork, using concepts of colour mixing and pigment.

With her delicate strokes, she brings her art to life creating an optical illusion of volume and mixing her various techniques. Astrid’s portfolio reflects her versatility, featuring landscapes, objects, anatomy, and sometimes just magical creatures from her imagination. Some of the techniques she uses are pencil, soft and oil pastels, charcoal, watercolour, ink, tempera, coffee grains & plant pigment, artistic and industrial acrylic, digital art, and others.

She believes creativity and imagination have no bounds, such that she escalated to recreating
her artwork and making digital versions of it. She owns Regii Marketing & Design Studio in
which her creativity is shared with businesses and individuals.


“Docile” – By: Astrid Alas

Astrid Alas represents one of her interpretations of the “Good Shepherd” in her artwork “Docile” (2024), portrayed in acrylic with a background of vibrant neon colours that radiates happiness and joy. The classic pastoral scene is transformed into a contemporary celebration of life and love. The shepherd, depicted in vivid hues of electric blues, luminous greens, and purple, holds in his loving hands the docile sheep. His face is aglow with warmth and compassion, echoed in the joyful palette that surrounds him. The hand of the shepherd emphasizes a darker shadow to represent the cleansing of the sheep. The rescued sheep, rendered in a soft highlight luminance, symbolizes redemption and care.

This modern interpretation of the Good Shepherd invites viewers into a world of vibrant colours and uplifting emotions, reimagining a timeless theme with a contemporary twist. The neon palette transforms this classic theme into a contemporary celebration of rescue, restoration, hope and happiness. The composition evokes a feeling of joy and fulfillment, emphasizing the importance of compassion and nurturing in a visually captivating way. The Good Shepherd’s act of saving one sheep is highlighted and honoured through the dynamic and expressive use of acrylic colours.

“Docile like the sheep to never abandon the shepherd in whom I find my peace” – Astrid Alas


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